Sunny Exhibit at the “Bonnie and Clyde House” Restaurant

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Sunny Raschke is showing a selection of her current and past art at Tierney’s Cafe and Tavern (“The Bonnie and Clyde” Historic House) at 208 E. Main St., Lewisville, Texas.

Tierney’s, a well-known and popular restaurant in North Texas, is located in the historic home of J.W. Kennedy, the physician of the infamous 1930s bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.  Legend has it that Kennedy was regularly kidnapped, blindfolded, and taken out to the bottomlands of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River (now covered by Lake Lewisville) to attend to their wounds after a number of their shootouts with the law.

Paintings from different periods during her professional career can be viewed on the wall at Tierney’s and purchased at varying prices.

You are invited to come out and enjoying dining at one of the Dallas Fort Worth area’s celebrated eateries while sampling Sunny’s art.

Below are some of the paintings on display.



Cosmic Gaze
Progress, Not Perfection
Dancing City





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