Progress, Not Perfection III

Mixed media, 12" X 12"


Acryclic on canvas, 11" X 14"

My work is all about making visible the forces of creation and the path of personal spiritual development with a focus on recovery from the darkness of a life that doesn’t work out the way we plan. My paintings emphasize the power of color, the fluid expansion of line, and at times a sense of three-dimensionality within the canvas. However, I also use a lot of black and white with minimal elaboration to express the starkness of the things we experience.

Increasingly I employ mixed media to express these insights. I try to paint the formative process itself as opposed to the final form and composition. My more recent works seeks to reveal the personal struggles in which many today are involved, and in which I myself have engaged in the past. I call this genre“recovery art”.

For me the puzzle piece offers the best suggestion for the uncertainty of life and the challenge of the creative process. The power of color, however, is what awakens us and gives us hope and confidence.

My paintings are“original” because they are always originating something. They offer a personal, but not necessarily a private, vision. Some of my paintings also oscillate between pure abstract form and figuration. The abstract ones are designed to reveal the energy that is invisible, but becomes visible in the production of things. They aim to show the spiritual essence of forms, equipping us with a deeper sight.

With as much of an innocent eye as I am capable, I seek to bring to the power of God, the force of creation.

Sunny Raschke 2013-