Erpe Gallery Vienna 2013

Renate Polzer (left) and Sonja Dolzer (right), gallery principals, along with Sunny Raschke (center) at opening of“Singularities” exhibit in Vienna in December 2013. Theexhibit took place at the Erpe Gallery (now“Burn-in” Gallery). The announcement of the exhibit (in German) can be found here.

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Black holes, or “singularities”, are the creative engines of the universe. They imply both the impenetrable and the extremely energetic. Finally, they can mean the mind in its most abysmal melancholy and in its capacity to turn itself totally around and experience a dramatic rebirth.

These series of smaller, square abstract paintings, mainly in black and white, were developed in conjunction with “suicide awareness” month throughout October in the United States and as part of Colorado’s social justice emphasis for community arts events.

The twelve pieces represent the “twelve steps” of personal recovery from depression and self-contempt, a growing global epidemic, especially among women. They express the movement from hopelessness, signified in the simple, black geometry of the upper tier of paintings, to the hopeful intimations in the colored, more fluid impressions of the lower tier.

Sunny Raschke 2013-